Monday, August 22, 2005

Oh, I found new music in the air from England again. Life is good.

Having been spammed back into posting (Go EGTY! Go far, far away!), I wish to report that I am way behind on my online reading, as I dropped the ball a few days back and once that baby rolls away, it takes a few days to catch. I cannot talk about how exactly I dropped the ball, because it involves my ISP's newsserver, and possibly the FBI. I could blame Arrested Development, but all those late-night re-runs were re-runs of the Friday mini-marathons, and so I still haven't seen most of the first season.

I scored some free movies through Harris Poll. Five years of doing polls finally paid off in the form of The 13th Warrior and An Ideal Husband. I like those two movies. I'm also devoting more time to my attempts to make money, and by money I mean the real stuff, because I can't use my memolink points for about 14 more weeks.

Other'n that, I'm still hatin' on large poisionous spiders and mind-altering drugs. Altering the mind is all well and good, but when vomit and angst is involved, that's when I say it's no fun anymore and start worrying about people.

I'm not even referring to the big news event of last week, which I forgot until just now. Two or three blocks away from my house, 13 people were arrested for running a heroin proccessing plant out of their house. All sorts of weaponry was found in the house along with about 6 million dollars worth of drugs. I'm hoping this means the local drug dealers will now move someplace else, having lost their provider and all. That's right, go prey on other neighborhoods, this "sleepy community" doesn't need you. I swear, the news called my neighborhood "quiet" and "sleepy." That made me proud. Perhaps a lot of people
were being provided with a lot of drugs, but it's a nice area.

And that was the local news for the week.

(I'm listening to Gogol Bordello's Start Wearing Purple, which is playing on BBC Radio 1, which has just been added to the Dish/Sirius stations, which I love lots.)



xodiaq said...

are you really sure the venomous spiders were there, and not a by-product of said mind altering drugs?

or possibly, were you seated upon a tuffet, maybe eating some curds and whey?

OK, ive exhausted all of my spider jokes...

BrideOfPorkins said...

I'm not sure, I have been walking into a lot unoccupied webs, yelling "Get 'em off me, man!" so it could be me, or I pissed Peter Parker off really bad by making fun of Spider-Man 2 and he's sent some friends after me.