Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Back That Thing Up

Did you know Blogger blogs can now be exported?

Say...for backup purposes?


http://draft.blogger.com/ is some sort of alternate-reality Blogger dashboard where you can click on Settings, then right there at the top of the screen on the basic tab are options to import, export or (*gasp*) delete your blog.


You get an xml file, with everything--comments, layout, EVERYTHING (she says in her best Gary Oldman). The file can even be imported into other blogs, which is the kind of spiffiness I would have liked eight years ago. In my day, you had to save these things POST BY POST.

I backed up this blog, and it was easy. This entire blog comes in under 5MB. Wow.  Such a drop in the digital bucket.

1 comment:

Wigwam Jones said...

Mine doesn't have those heart things! But I took your advice anyway, thanks!