Thursday, November 10, 2005

Sal the Swimmer

There once was a man who went for a swim;
he wore a life vest and carried with him
a raft full of air,
and a brown folding chair.

He climbed into the water
yelled "AAAAAH!" and splashed about.
His grandson and granddaughter
rushed over to help him out.

Grabbing his neck to use as a brace,
they helped him onto the raft,
but were all splashed in the face
by the flimsy inflatable craft.

Would they go under?
They started to wonder.
No fear, they all survived
to have hot dogs, sodas and fries.

And the three tired swimmers
sat eating their dinners,
while the man's grandchildren
told him he was cool,
as they sat by the side of the
three-foot-high pool.

As you can see, the story is true.