Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Dreamers may leave, but they're here ever after.

I haven't had much time for writing here, nor have I really had anything funny to write. I knew my first post back would be difficult--not for me to write, but maybe to read. But I couldn't just come back and say nothing.

I've lost a friend. Not to say that I don't know her current location, I do. A close friend of nearly 11 years decided to move on to other things without me two weeks (and 12 hours) ago. Some people call it death, I only consider it a temporary separation. I've been left in this place before, I know how it goes, but it doesn't get any easier, particularly when it involves someone who never liked to see people sad.

So I try not to be sad. It would, after all, be incredibly selfish of me. All of memories are happy tonight, as the words to that song go. So I dwell instead on how my pants were nearly eaten off me in public, the early morning coffee-fueled barking rants out the window at the neighbors who would not stop moving around in their houses, and a spirit so strong that not even the occasional body part failure could stop her.

Doesn't matter if you've known someone 11 minutes or 11 years, if you can hold on to memories like that, they never die.



Anonymous said...


BrideOfPorkins said...

Hey yeah, I remember that.

Rainbow Heron said...

Oh dear me, she *did* die! <:.-(

[everyone toasts to Holly and hugs BOP]

Maybe Holly and Brownie are getting a chance to play together...and bark about us. :-)

Interesting, I'm playing "Sweet Child O Mine" right now.

BrideOfPorkins said...

Ach, thanks. I'm sure they are, right where the cheese flowers grow.