Saturday, April 01, 2006

It's only rock 'n' roll, but I like it.

Rock is dead, and no one cares. Music has finally shed genres, and that has turned out a batch of horrid radio stations that just don't know what to play. I'm talking FM here, not satellite, not even HD Radio--which sounds like something I might like.

I never knew what rock was to begin with, so I'm still listening to what I've always listened to: stuff that doesn't garner ratings. Some of what I've been listening to, though, comes from names that people might remember. The target demographic for most radio stations is 16- to 35-year-old white males. I never understood that, but why I even brought it up is that for the young end of the demographic, the band name I'm about to say has always existed, and that makes me feel a little old.

Pearl Jam has a new album coming out. I've only heard their new single a few times on what's left of the alt-rock station in NY, which only plays music on the weekends now. I like the song, because I always liked Pearl Jam, and because it's anti-war, and you all know how I love anything that states the obvious. But Pearl Jam, holy crap. Eddie Vedder's hair has even grown back. Eddie Vedder is 41. Eddie Vedder made it to 41. The same could be said for Chris Cornell, so I guess being in Temple of the Dog was good luck for them.

The "classic rock" station has been playing tracks from David Gilmour's new album, On An Island, and if you love Pink Floyd and David Gilmour as much as I do, then go check it out. I know there's the Roger Waters following that thinks Floyd was never the same after he left, but I always liked Gilmour, so I don't have that problem. I recently tracked down some Pink Floyd with Syd Barrett, which I'd never heard, and I found it fascinating. So, I guess I like Pink Floyd.

I also like KT Tunstall, even though I thought she was Joan Osbourne the first time I heard Black Horse and the Cherry Tree, because it reminded me of Osbourne's Spider Web.

Rosanne Cash's new album, Black Cadillac, is amazing, the whole thing is worth a listen if you have the chance to really listen to the words.

I also like Duncan Sheik because he's adorable, so go check out White Limousine if you haven't heard it yet.

I would make a lousy reviewer of music, wouldn't I?

With that in mind, and the date--go buy World Machine by Level 42. It was my favorite album twenty years ago, and I'm still not ashamed to admit it. There are three bonus tracks on the remastered release, and while I've never heard them, the other nine tracks are burned into my brain for all eternity.

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