Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Burning Questions 4/26/06

Is it wrong that I was okay with the way Arrested Development ended? I just got around to seeing the last four episodes, and I loved them, and if the show isn't picked up by another station, I think it was a brililant way to end the series. It wasn't sappy like the end of The Mary Tyler Moore Show (which I mourned for what seemed like a long, long time in my young days) and it didn't jump the frikkin' shark (or seal) 500 times the way Remington Steele did.

Is it obvious I went a few years without getting attached to another television series?

I am a jinx of television shows and radio personalities, you know. I like a show--it's gone. I make a remark so witty that someone reads it on the air--they're gone. American Idol is the one exception to this rule, which proves it is pure evil.

Is it wrong that I keep watching American Idol? Is it wrong that I'm happy Kellie Pickler is gone? Is it wrong that I wonder what happened to that little boy who had the powder in his hair because he wanted to be like Taylor Hicks? Is it wrong that I remember that kid?

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