Friday, May 04, 2007

I am not a slave to fashion.

It's spring. The equinox may have occurred over a month ago, but the days surrounding Beltane (no...I didn't participate...I played with the cats and dog) brought with it the nice warm weather that signals the usual swarming termites and swooping bats, and also the pollen.

I'm not sure if the bees around here have all died from the cell phone waves created by all those people who walk by my house talking to themselves, or maybe the bat ate them, but there seems to be a lot of pollen this year. So much pollen, that my lip swelled up yesterday. I swear, it was like those special lipsticks that are supposed to make you look all trendy and hot, but--I assume--feel like you've just eaten every fruit and piece of sea life that gives you the deathly hives.

I did not look trendy and hot with my allergic lips, my squinting runny eyes probably couldn't pass for cutesy batting, and the words I was saying would have ruled out being attractive to anyone at all for a few hours yesterday. And today. And most likely tomorrow. Until October.

As a follow-up to my post about Benadryl, it turns out that eventually it does build up. I'm sort of...what's the word...drugged? HAHAHA Whee! I still only sleep two hours, but now I have dreams about strange men with bad breath chasing me, and spiders. I guess it would be asking too much to just have dreams that are different from being awake.

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