Saturday, May 26, 2007

Even better than the real thing.

I know, I know, you're all probably off celebrating memorials with flaming grills, but me, I'm hiding indoors, where it's cool.

And what do I think is cool? People making fun of other people and making something even better out of just...weirdness. This week, you need to travel for the funny, but it's so worth it. It'll be like traveling for the holiday without the traffic congestion!

Julie Klausner & Jackie Clarke (genius ladies I'm obsessed with) made Welcome To Our House, an homage of sorts to Brenda Dickson's lifestyle video, "Welcome To My Home." The original video is on the same page, and you really need to see both to fully grasp just what fashion means.

If you haven't yet seen the recent addition to Weebl's Stuff called Thrust Squad, you need to. It's silly. It also makes my desk chair very happy that all I do to it is just sort of sit on it. Someday I'll whip out the webcam and show you what I got. But until then, just...enjoy.

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