Friday, June 08, 2007

The Mach 5 is out there...somewhere.

The official website is up for Speed Racer, the movie. OMGFANGIRLSQUEETIEMOKTHXBYE! All I will say is Inspector Detector and Shaft are in it. Holy wow.

There was a news conference about Speed Racer, and in it, I saw a tiny little blurry John Goodman looking very much like Pops Racer, a little guy named Paulie Litt next to him that may very well pull off being Spritle, and then...the car. The main actors are interviewed too. Man, this movie has a chance to not suck.

Oh yeah, and I had to look up who Matthew Fox is. Go ahead and laugh, I don't care. I just hope he's a good Racer X.


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Wigwam Jones said...

I don't know who Matthew Fox is, either. I guess I'm like old and stuff.