Monday, November 12, 2007

I'm not sure Darth Maul should be the innermost Sith nesting doll.

I like Star Wars. You know this well, I'm sure. Right? Right. Yes, I loves me the space opera, and had my ISP not dropped, the newsgroup I created to honor the greatest character to come out of those movies, my love would be very apparent indeed.

These days I limit my collection to looking at and saving the pictures. Aye, hard times = no new little plastic friends for me. But it's okay, because my display was starting to take on the look of a Japanese subway car.

Now, Nan and her thing for Russian nesting dolls rubbed off on me. We've only gotone nesting doll between us, a bunch of black cats holding pumpkins that we found in Woolworth before they closed. (This post is full of injustice, first Woolworth, then afp, oh, it's unfair!)

Looking at it now, I realize it was only a matter of time before someone came up with Star Wars nesting dolls, but I never, ever, ever could have expected them to call them Chubbies.

Will someone really go bragging, "I've got Wookiee Chubbies!" and not get arrested? Time will tell.

I for one would very much like a nesting doll of X-Wing pilots, featuring the chubbiest of all, my man Porkins.

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