Tuesday, June 14, 2005

From the "Could have gone into an e-mail" department:

I am a great beliver in the radio as an oracle of the unknown. There are people that open the bible and randomly point to a verse, there are people that consult the Magic 8-Ball...I randomly tune through radio stations.

Just now, something amazingly freaky happened. I'm listening to my jury-rigged Dish receiver/Sirius radio/PCtv on my headphones, and Peter Gabriel's In Your Eyes comes on. Sirius 22 does not repeat songs that much, and that they should come up with that song on this day is almost as freaky as when WLIR played that very same song on this day two years ago. I cranked it up both times. So far no one has been nearby while Youssou N'Dour is yelling out of my ears.

Happy anniversary, Mr. & Mrs. xodiaq. ;)


Wigwam Jones said...

There is a radio station in Raleigh which I am ashamed to admit I have become a fan of. Yes, it is a 'Clearchannel' mega-station, canned, and therefore I must hate it. They call it "The River" here and in every other place in the country where it plays.


Last night on the drive home (my drive only takes three minutes, hehehe), they played Sniff 'N' The Tears' "Driver's Seat" and I boogied my butt off all the way home.

So pick up your feet

got to move to the trick of the beat

there is no elite

just take your place in the driver's seat

Man, that just gets me.

BrideOfPorkins said...

I think we have...no, we have the Peak and the Bone, but no River yet. If they play Driver's Seat, they can't be all that bad, even for Clear Channel. As much as I want to hate them too, I end up listening to a lot of CC stations in my car, mainly the rock station, because they don't play anything that will make me veer off the road in tears.

xodiaq said...

Timing, I'd say!

Heh heh, thank you!
(Sorry on the delay, we left for NC the day after the anniv!)