Saturday, June 18, 2005


I keep hearing this commercial for an Oreo jingle contest, and Randy Jackson (the American Idol judge, not one of the Jackson 5) comes on and says he loves that jingle. I'm thinking it's because of the food element, because Randy never seems to like songs on American Idol. Anyway, the commercial's on a lot, and I feel bad because there's about to be very many homeless cookies and cakes down the road.

(Not really, but I wanted to think of a way to go from "Randy Jackson's freakin' me out, man!" to, well, this:)

They're closing the supermarket we shop at, along with the Dunkin' Donuts and Radio Shack in the same small strip. I don't know why, no one does, and it's just tragic. I'm not sure what is going to become of the property, the stores have a huge parking lot, so I guess anything could be built there, but I hope it'll be something useful. I will now need to drive a whole extra mile up another street to get my veggie patties, and I don't want to have to be bitter about that if another storage facility goes up where the old store used to be. We already lost one supermarket to a storage facility, but I didn't mind that so much because the store used to smell like sewer gas.

I mowed the bejeebers out of my lawn yesterday, I even got down with the hand clippers to clip grass out from between the flowers and everything, so I'm sort of dead at the moment.

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