Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Oh, the humanity!

Something terrible has happened.

My Dish reciever has problems. It started by dropping Sirius 5 and 6--which, of course, will be where Cousin Brucie debuts this weekend. I didn't know this when the stations first dropped out, so I ignored it, because I had my 22, First Wave.

Today I get the bright idea to call tech support to get 5, 6, Food Network and whatever else was missing back.

Now I have no music stations. I have a bunch of PPV baseball stations and like, the religious stations, and those frikkin' UHF stations I never watch since the second dish I was do desperate for went up.

No music...except FM radio.

*curls up in ball, dies*

I guess I could always play my MP3s,'s not the same.

Dish is sending a new reciever, of course, but that won't be here until Saturday. Cousin Brucie will have had his first broadcast by then. AUGH!


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