Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Somewhere between the future and the past.

(Future = me dating this for the future. I could, in fact, totally be not near a computer right now.)

(Past = a time when Mr. T was everywhere like Ryan Seacrest, the cake flowed like the rubber-smelling water from the garden hose and I played with dolls instead of standing them up.)

The Survivor song Eye of the Tiger has held up well. I heard it last night, and it's probably the best Survivor song, and quite possibly the fifth best Journey song ever (bwahaha...I kid.)

And, just to make the post have a mention of the present, I wonder if the new Omen movie is going to go for the three sequels, because I think what would be best is if the sacred daggers are used to stop the fourth movie with Faye Grant and the little devil girl from ever being remade.

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