Monday, September 25, 2006

Last I checked this bloody well was New York.

Scissor Sisters is a band based in New York. They're the UK. Two stations here in NY--WFUV, the only station worth listening to anymore; and WLIR, which I can no longer hear--are playing them. Twist Radio (a syndicated show on WPLJ) plays them too, once in a while, but is it enough to get them noticed? Or have they been noticed, and the owners of the stations that use our airwaves just have no idea what music is supposed to sound like in New York?

Someone who I'm sure has highly refined musical tastes by his comment that he likes everything from Mozart to Morrison (Jim, Van, Fred? I'm confused.) wrote that no one buys Scissor Sisters because they--in his expert opinion--suck. I responded that I'd take Scissor Sisters over Justin Timberlake, the Black Eyed Peas, Nickelback, and all their sound-alikes put together. I would. Have you heard the shite on Top 40 radio? Scissor Sisters are too good for them.

The program director of a Top 40 station in San Franciso says their new song, I Don't Feel Like Dancin' (#4 on the UK charts) is too reminiscent of the '70s for soccer moms to relate to. I once was asked if I was a soccer mom when I told a DJ from Mix 102.7 here in NY--during their "music to pick you up" phase--that I'd rather hear Warm Leatherette than Dance With My Father any day.

This may very well be why I have no children. Any children I am around get exposed to Tom Waits within three days. And yes, of course I'm going to now make it my business to expose everyone to Scissor Sisters as well, not only because they're a great band who actually write original music and more than one-line lyrics, but because I'm a spiteful person who wants to see I Don't Feel Like Dancin' do very well and prove Top 40 PDs on the other bloody end of the country wrong.

Scissor Sisters will be appearing on Dancing With The Stars on the 27th. I'm hoping this gets them noticed like mad, being the show is rather high in the ratings.

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