Monday, September 10, 2007

Me, I'm Just A Lawnmower, You Can Tell By The Way I Walk.

No, I've not been hanging out in Peter Gabriel's wardrobe, but look, say hello to my leetle friend!

And I do mean little. This mower fits between all the various hedge arrangements the Knights of Ni decreed we plant and it's only 35 pounds, which means I am not completely dead the day after I mow, and I found it on, which is technically an eBay store so I get to pay it off in my magical eBay ways. I also realize I've said the word the Knights of Ni cannot hear several times already, but that's too bad, I cut my lawn with a Pup now. Better than a herring, that thing.

There's also a cute little basket that catches the clippings so I can fill in the excavations by our fearless lawn raider. Not that I recommend filling in puppy holes with only rocks and leaves, because the snake loves it. Have I mentioned we have a garden snake? My fluffy little cat carried it over to me in his mouth the other night, like, "Human, please dispose of this." I was unable to dispose of the snake and I learned that snakes move away from anything capable of picking them up very quickly. Unlike baby field mice.

When my little slinky cat carried a mouse to me the other night like, "Hey, I found this, can you put some butter on it for me?" I was able to carry the mouse to someplace safer. I have been told no such place exists, but I read too many Serendipity books as a kid. Plus, dude, I only let my cats play with fake mice and sticks!


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Ari said...

Good luck with your new purchase! I'm looking forward to fall coming so I won't have to worry so much about grass anymore.