Friday, September 28, 2007

Press Any Key To Continue, But Only If You Use The Correct OS.

Ah, the '90s. Back on this date...or around this 1990, I got my first PC. It had a clock speed of 3 and no hard drive. I had to buy an extra serial card port in order to use the mouse and the modem. I loved that damn computer.

It came with DR-DOS. Prodigy couldn't run off a disk formatted in DR-DOS. MS-DOS was $80 to buy. Luckily, my neighbor let me bum a copy.

Man, did I learn a lot about PCs right off the bat.

It's odd that I can recall the date I fired up my Kaypro 8086, and my first Prodigy account number (BSSR04), and the second (RPWS67, and that was because I didn't know the 0 was a zero!), but I can't remember if I was supposed to get out of this chair and go do something.

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