Saturday, November 28, 2009

Songs of My Misspent Youth: Head Over Heels

I don't set goals. I don't make plans. Life taught me that doing those kind of things only was setting up to be let down.

But I said to myself one Friday--it was after midnight so in fact Saturday--in November as I watched the adorable new video for Head Over Heels by Tears For Fears, "I wonder if this song'll still be around in 25 years? I wonder if I'll be around in 25 years?"

I imagined meeting up with the only acquaintance I knew at the time, I imagined what we'd be in the future. I was of course a successful doctor with an awesome husband who was off raising our fabulous children and I had no regrets whatsoever about anything and my overachieving not-really-friend who just stopped in to brag was totally amazed at how great everything had turned out for me. I still wore the same type of clothes, my hair would still be long and just starting to go gray.

Watching the video, with the epic book-carrying and nose noogies as penalties for carrying fake weapons into a library, I counted on my fingers what year it would be in 25 years. 2010. Every November when I hear the song, I high-five myself for picking such an awesome song and figure out how many years are left.

One year.

I'm happy for the life the song ended up having, that it turned out so popular. I have good memories with this one.

Funny how time flies.



Anonymous said...

What the devil are you doing on the floor?? Please get up it's extremely cold in here. You are an impossible adorable hunkajunk--and I love you dearly. Love all your writing too. I'm jealous of your free thinking. You are truly beautiful!! 1214

BrideOfPorkins said...

Awr, you always know just what to say to get me off the floor! I was doing an interpretive dance. Sure, that's what it was.

I learned to think from hanging out with awesome free thinkers, so there.