Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tuesdays With Mopey

You know...I don't think I'm going to post so much next year. Who knows, maybe my mind will change in a few days, but I'm guessing not. This is no sudden decision, in fact I decided a long time ago that maybe this wasn't where I wanted the majority of my words to go.

The blog's not going away, but to be very honest it's been a pain in the alt+shift to come up with posts every Tuesday. Perhaps you've seen some of them and wondered why I chose to share all I shared. Perhaps you haven't seen them at all. There are an awful lot of posts with no comments, I have to wonder if they've all been read, and even then, have they changed anyone's life for the better? No sense taking my time to write something and have it not read--or worse, half-read and misunderstood. That's so 1997.

So after my next post, the epic top 29 of 2009, which will run as usual on New Year's Eve...I may be a bit...er...missing.

I'll be happily frolicking in the snow, enjoying life with my loved ones while listening to music and checking out the sky, most likely.

Don't be sad, I'll bring lots of stories back with me.

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Wigwam Jones said...

I reads them, Lynda. I digs them. I don't comment on all of them just because...well, just because. But I'm always thinking 'yay, you'. Just FYI.