Monday, July 18, 2005

I anticipate pandemonium.

Howard Stern is no longer on FM radio. As of this morning, his timeslot on K-Rock in NY has been filled by David Lee Roth, formerly of Van Halen. I was a little surprised--as was Stern, by the sound of the phone call he made to Roth's show--that there was no goodbye show after 20-something years, but then, that's the way Infinity does things. I think the only stations I ever heard do official farewell broadcasts were WNEW-AM, WPAT and WLIR, when they left 92.7, so why should one show get the honor? I know generally DJs are fired after they get off the air so they don't flip out ninja-style on-air, but for Stern to just disappear without so much as one last farting sound from so many's rather rude.

I wasn't actually a die-hard Stern fan, but as a kid I thought Fartman was hilarious, so I'll miss the silliness. But not much, because I shouldn't actually be awake at 6AM. One less reason to stay awake. Hear that, my hyper little brain? There's no one on the radio to listen to at that hour anymore. The end. But, I digress.

I haven't gone to the Radio Info NY board yet, but I'm heading over there as soon as I post this. I'm expecting at least one negative comment about the issue. Ha. Get a bunch of radio geeks together on a message board, and together they will like nothing.

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