Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I'm not entirely sure how large groups of humans survived as long as they did.

I feel that Fox's So You Think You Can Dance was a deferred success. Yeah, that's right...I said deferred success. You know why? Because the Professional Association of Teachers in Britain has said that telling a student they've failed can put them off learning for life, and want a new word for failure. I just wanted to try the phrase out a few times, see if sounded less frightening after longterm use. It does not. I start envisioning bars full of people telling the bartender, "I'm such a deferred success story."

I got more entertainment out of that story than the bad dancers, however, because Fox didn't highlight the really bad dancers enough. I guess the lawsuits from American Idol have scared them off showcasing the really scary people.

Or many I'm just burnt. I went to the store for potato salad, and I didn't recognize the woman that lives behind us. I said it was because I usually see her from far away and laughed, but the truth is my neighbors--with the exception of the the guy who walks his Jack Russell terrier Alexis--look different every time I see them. It's like when they replaced Frisco on General Hospital, Nan and I watched for one hour and never realized the new guy was supposed to be Frisco. Crazy. I only watched General Hospital during the Luke/Laura saga, really. The whole Aztec treasure arc with Jack Wagner sort of sprang from that, and I never watched anymore after I discovered Inspector Gadget.

There are reasons I don't watch much television anymore, and I think I've outlined many of them here. It's just too sad to look back on. Years from now, I will remember Nancy Grace and laugh. Or cry.

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