Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The most newsworthy news I have.

I should start out by saying that yes, I have been watching American Idol again, and so far, Paris Bennett will win, but I don't want to get into the deep pit of terror that is American Idol right now.

There's something better than Idol on television, and hypocrite that I am, it's on in the timeslot Arrested Development was in, and still, I watch it.

Skating With Celebrities is a kick-ass show. It's a bunch of skaters who I actually have followed the careers of--and in the case of Tai Babylonia, I was once touched by--and they're paired up with celebrities. Celebrities is a really hard word for me to type right now, but I swear, the show is great. Jenni Meno and Todd Bridges (yes, Bridges, not Sand) were kicked off this week, and while it didn't surprise me because he fell, I have so much respect for Jenni Meno for willingly letting a guy who doesn't go around lifting girls on ice lift her on ice. Man.

Scott Hamilton is a better MC than Ryan Seacrest too, so nyah.

It's looking like John Zimmerman and the NFL girl are going to win so far, btw. I am making predictions for every Fox show tonight!

24: Kiefer Sutherland wins.
Prison Break: Gob Bluth shows up to perform illusions at the prison and he konks Wentworth Miller on the head with the jetpack and stabs his dumbass brother (the Prison Break guy, not Buster), then James Lipton shows up and asks everyone what words they like.
Trading Spouses: Marguerite Perrin comes back and swaps with Sharon Osbourne.
Bones: That chick totally finds the bones of Mulder's sister.
The O.C.: Peter Gallagher's eyebrows are shaven off in a tragic, but hilarious, mix-up.
America's Most Wanted: The cop from the Village People gets into trouble for a traffic violation, drug and gun possession, disappears, and accidentally blows his cover by dancing YMCA at a San Mateo baliff's wedding.
That 70's Show: Ashton Kutcher messes with a time machine and cancels himself.

I totally saw Tai and Randy at the Ice Capades in 1980, and like STOOD near them while people got their autographs. It was so cool.

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