Friday, January 27, 2006

Sometimes, I am struck wordless.

Ready, Aim, Fire!

There should be a note about lifting the lid somewhere underneath that target.

A related item on the same site goes beyond the threat of getting coal if you're bad.

This one just makes baby Rudolph cry.

"He sees you when you're pooping," the original lyrics that came from the depths of Haven Gillespie's nightmares.


Rainbow Heron said...

The absence of a notice to lift the lid first may account for why there are almost as many Misses as Hits tally-marked there. :-)

As for the coal...well, something tells me that ain't coal in the bowl there.

Either the weather must be very cold where these things are sold, or someone needs to get a day job. Quickly. ;-)

[ps- sorry about the deletions, Blogger, my mouse, and my fingers are having a "discussion" at present]

Wigwam Jones said...


This has lifted my day and made me oh, so much happier. I needs me some of those.

This is better than seeing my boss' face on the milk carton in the morning.