Monday, October 01, 2007

Notes from Monday.

I get my comic strip done while whatever the primetime show o'the day is on, today that's Dancing With The Stars.

The only reason for that set-up is that you'll understand why I burst out, "Mais Que Nada is a samba, how can they dance a mambo to Mais Que Nada?! The words are 'Get out of my way, I want to dance the samba,' what kind of treachery is this?!"

I never did have the temperament for watching competitions. Depending on what entertains you, I'm either no fun when watching figure skating, or I'm full of comedy gold. The year the Miss America contestants sang the Prince song Play In The Sunshine I think was the most disastrous. I was asked to never be present when another Miss America pageant was on TV. I can't say that saddened me.

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