Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Things I Learned Tuesday.

The first thing I learned today is that I no longer speak Spanish. I am ashamed. I had a conversation with one of our neighbors, and as he was leaving he said, "Hasta La Vista."

I will demonstrate, in handy emoticons, what my reaction to this was:

:D "Okay, you too!" :D

There is a point when brain auto-pilot just doesn't hack it, and I now feel like more of a mindless hick than I did that time the eye doctor asked me my address. Because, you know, eye doctors don't usually ask where you live unless they want to come to your house and remove your corneas.

The next thing I learned is that grass will grow better in areas where it is not needed or wanted. My driveway, for example, had grass high enough to hide a Snapple bottle full of urine (I know what urine looks like, trust me) and when grass gets that high, it's time for fire.

I learned that I don't own a flamethrower. I don't even know a fire eater who I could aske to come blow on the junk growing in the cracks.

I learned that boiling water or vinegar and salt works great to kill leaves, but not always roots.

I learned that everybody misses Alexander's.

I also learned that my puppy loves our neighbor up on the corner more than me. The little furry hussy.

But the best thing I didn't really learn today was that my neighbors are frikkin' lovely people. No one had to tell me my crappy stubs of dead grass looked better than the bamboo field we had there, but they did. I mean, yes, slighly improved crap does look better than utter crap, and it's nice that they see that.

I earned my pizza.

:D Okay, you too, everyone! :D

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