Sunday, October 14, 2007

Putting the new in news since....I forget.

I haven't really had anything very interesting to tell you. I mean, last week I aggravated my hernia, and that's not confetti-worthy. I tried to make it funny one night, but if I so much as thought about giggling, my dinner was all up in my ears, and spaghetti sauce does not feel good in the ears. I can't even say it's an aquired feeling.

While I wasn't writing I did add three things to the overflowing sidebar, first off is a link to subscribe to an RSS feed of the comments! Why? Um...well, I know I subscribed to remind me how much replying I've got to do (and I will, if I do it when I'm 90, I will).

There's also a link to the one article I've written on Helium. My writing is worth exactly one penny as of this moment, and that would make me very warm and fuzzy indeed if my hernia was not giving off more heat that my chest knows what to do with.

Hot chests right into nerds. What will happen next? The Formidable Nerd knows what will happen next, yes. RASSM's pea-farmer has become a reporter of nerdly news, and his site loads really fast, you could lightspeed.

That brings me to the tangent about the sky looking way better when it's freezing out. Not that it's exactly freezing, but one weekend I'm wearing shorts and the next weekend I'm wondering why I'm wearing shorts because my knees have caught cold.

This is Venus and Saturn in Leo, and it was over my house this morning. I'm pretty sure it was over everyone's home, so if you didn't see it, this is what was up there (with the exception of my phone line, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't have that where you are):

(This post is what happens when I don't plan what I'm going to write ahead of time.)

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