Friday, December 19, 2008

One More Game, Then I'm Done.

As autumn and this week of me reminiscing about video games I've played to the point of hurling draws to a close, I could pull out any number of games that gave me the ol' twinkly brain, caused my mother's eyelids to twitch, hurt Nan's thumb, or even caused the three of us as one to shout out obscenities at the screen as we once again sent little vikings or busty broads to their doom over and over and over again.

But I thought I'd go sappy.

Looking back at everything I did as a kid, I'm sure I'd be classified as a few things now that I just figured was the way I rolled, but back when games could be played beginning to end in a few minutes, I had a ritual. The last game I'd play before I put the Atari away had to be Superman. It relaxed me, I guess. Even if I'd never see the end of River Raid and even if I had to face the random real world afterwards, I always had Superman. Nowadays it's Quick Fire Pool, but just about every night in the '80s, no matter what, this is what I was doing:

I would like to state for the record I played the game WAY better. I used to finish the whole thing in under two minutes, get back into the Clark Kent disguise, touch Kryptonite, and wait outside The Daily Planet for Lois to come to the rescue, then just as she'd get close I'd jump in the door so she'd follow and the game would end with them together. Aww.

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