Thursday, December 18, 2008

We May Never Puke Like This Again

You may be flabbergasted that I can actually come up with a week's worth of video games that have given me some of the most vivid memories of having my head in a vise, but if there's one thing I have going for me, I don't quit. Even when I'm driving and start spacing out from the sun bouncing off the dashboard into my very visual cortex, I keep coming back for more, like a...hey, admitting I'm a video game addict is easy, admitting I played The Towering Inferno all the way through from beginning to end and sort of "won," although another building just went and caught fire and I didn't even get a little 8-bit ditty to recognize my hard work.

I found a hilarious review of the game and watching it I realized the migraine triggers were one thing, but I also have a thing about fire. A bad thing. I suppose that's the secret to beating the game: total batshit obsession compelling me to put out every last flame. I used to mourn the divers that didn't make it in Seaquest too.


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