Thursday, October 29, 2009

Clomb: The Undead

What day is it?! NO! It's not Thursday, it's 100 Word Stories day! Whoo!

The theme for this week's challenge was Peace, and if you've read this blog of mine long enough I probably don't have to tell you where my story came from.

No, really, there's a mountaineering term for n00b: Gumby.

I was told I might die.


Everyone dies, what's the big deal? Not everyone finds peace. That thought scared me all the way to this mountain.

Forty minutes into the climb my muscles hurt so bad I almost believed everyone who told me I couldn't do this, and I wanted to hate them but I was too busy. After my lungs stopped burning I started to feel hungry. Eventually that passed, too.

When I reached the top, an old man greeted me.

"What took you so long?"

Too tired to do anything but laugh, we sat watching the sunset.

Many versions of peace can be found here, and this week features the last story (for now) by Guy David, who is an awesome writer and musician and if you haven't heard his music it's at and now you have no excuse not to go listen to some good music.

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