Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Shadow Toast

The 100 Word Stories' weekly challenge usually brings out brand new stories.

True, my offering for the double themes of Magic Toaster and Who Knows? was written out in a new way for the challenge, but this one is part of something else, something bigger, something really really old.

Life was never the same for Alex after his brother was poisoned by their father. He kept to himself a lot before then, but after his brother began communicating through the toaster, things turned around.

At first he tried to convince himself there was nothing magic about the toaster, he’d been drinking the first time it spoke, maybe he was developing schizophrenia, who knows? Sure, he'd like to do what the toaster told him and throw it in the tub with dad, but it made great toast. Browned evenly, not too burnt. It didn’t even need to be plugged in.

All 11 stories are popping up here, full of mystery and buttery crunch.

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Anne D. said...

I adore your vignettes. There is always that little bite or twist to them.