Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hundreds of Halloween Haunty Words

What's this?! Two posts in one day? SPOOOOOOOOKY! The 100 Word Stories Weekly Challenge goes up on Saturday, I need to do these intros?

The theme for this week's challenge was Halloween! And everyone wrote stories for Halloween! Because it's Halloween!

My favorite time of year! I'm not allowed to enjoy the company of children any other day, but on Halloween there's an endless supply, and always more follow to enjoy my special treats.

I can't give you my recipe, it's a family secret, handed down from my great-great-great-grandmammy Wanda. She escaped the old country with only the shawl on her back and a girl scout under her skirt. Very misunderstood woman. She loved children! Loved to make them cookies. Just like me!

Don't be shy, kiddies, have another cookie! Watch your fingers! Wouldn't want them to break!

Prepare to get your pants scared off by spooktacular freaky fest here!

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