Monday, December 12, 2005

Being pathetic can be fun at times.

As you probably know, smells get to me. Dryer sheets of doom, cigarettes, neurotoxins posing as perfume, wet ink, all these things like to try to stop me from breathing, but then there are other smells that just don't belong in some places, and those just confuse me.

Like the other day, when I finally paid off a course I was taking and in return, got a certificate and transcript that smelled of damp basement. I realize I wasn't always ahead with the payments, but did my paperwork really need to smell like it had been stored in New Orleans? Probably not, so, I just wrote a friendly little note to my so-called educators to let them know they need to store papers in a dry area, away from substances that can create spontaneous mutation. I left that last bit of my opinion out, of course.

I expect no answer.

I will, however, let everyone know if that tip about removing smells from paper by sticking it in a newspaper for a few days works. Provided, of course, that my own basement doesn't flood and require the services of the very newspaper that currently holds the certificate. I should leave a note on the newspaper.

(I wrote this because I feel slightly guilty about not writing much lately. My other story for today could have been about the repair of my vibrating ballcock, but I'm all out of toilet humor. Ah, ha ha.)

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