Monday, December 19, 2005


That moldy certificate I got still smells; I've given up on the newspaper to pull the smell out, and I put the whole thing into a ziploc bag, where it will most likely stay for the rest of my life. God help the unsuspecting ancestor that finds it.

Three years ago, I tried Crest White Strips. They made my teeth hurt--for three years. This week, I picked up some toothpaste that claims to have the technology to rebuild teeth, and so far, I've had luck with it. Just yesterday, I ate an orange and no one in the immediate area died by my hand.

I felt guilty that I didn't list every single DJ I have enjoyed in my last post, but then I realized that I was mainly trying to make the point that the new era of "Jockless" stations is dangerous, because all future little geeks in training will have even less contact with people if all they listen to on radio is music and commercials about anxiety and On Star. This next generation needs to know that long-distance attachments to people you will probably never meet can be okay, as long as you don't steal their underwear, they don't try to take yours, and you don't offer your underwear to them.


Wigwam Jones said...

What is this 'underwear' of which you speak?

BrideOfPorkins said...

You've made an important point, one that brings to mind an image that will stay with me.

I'm changing my advice to the young 'uns. Kids, the topic of underwear should be brought up only to radio personalities like Howard Stern, and maybe call-in shows where the guests are the makers of Woolite. Otherwise, it's okay to listen to the radio and try not think about underwear, or lack thereof.

I just shouldn't try to advise kids, and let 'em learn the way I had to.