Saturday, May 10, 2008

Perspective On What I Find Entertaining.

Once, many weeks ago (I'm writing this in the future. Whoo.) we watched Untraceable, or as I took to calling it, "Only for you, Diane Lane." Actually, only for Nan, because she likes Diane Lane. It wasn't even the cyber crimes unit of the FBI not knowing how to cloak their IPs that bothered me either, no. This movie crossed my line. I have a line, you know. Yes. Of course in the movie, Diane Lane is also horrifed by the opening scene of the (get ready) cat murder, and I get the message the movie is trying to make about watching things over and over that should not be entertaining, and that is why I won't watch the movie again. Ever. Because even if I'd taken a drink every time someone dropped a backdoor trojan into something, or someone thought to blink Morse code while they were dying horrifically and a webcam picked up every dot and dash, I still would have thought the movie was a let down.

Nancy Drew was better than Untraceable. How can this be? I think you know. But not only that, Nancy Drew got me reading books with twenty chapters all by myself back in the day, so Nancy's my girl. I'm also a fan of the Bonita Granville version of Nancy Drew and the 1978 TV series was like...I have audio tapes of some of those shows and I'm not afraid to admit it. I wanted the trap door in our living room to go somewhere, man. Nancy Drew is wired into my brain and therefore maybe I'm a bit partial when I say I frikkin' loved this new Nancy Drew movie.

Then I got a job and have been working ever since. Around the same time, it rained a lot. My lawn...grew high. All sorts of things grew and became unkempt. -_-

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