Saturday, May 31, 2008

Starting With A Bang And Ending With A Pfft.

Last weekend, I was staring at a cereal box, and it was staring back, and it started teling me to go see Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull. So...I did. We all did. It's Indy! The last time he was in theaters...well, I don't want to go back to that right now, but there's a new Indiana Jones movie! And we saw it! It was, as you might expect, really good (unless you don't go for that kind of thing, then I really can't help you). That's all I can say, because for once maybe everyone else hasn't gotten to see it before me. When you do get to see it, you'll understand why I thought of this watching the opening scene. *ahem*

Later that night, we watched Transformers, with that guy from the new Indiana Jones movie, and Optimus frikkin' Prime. I loved it. Possibly because I love Optimus Prime, possibly because I'm a child of the '80s, but also because the camerawork and editing didn't make me sick in any way, and that boggles my mind. That and I totally talk through my radio like Bumbleebee. *ahem*

The big event that is my car's yearly emissions inspection rolled around, and I wanted to do this last month, but I was alternately ill and we did it this, last possible, week. The night before it was horribly humid and I was looking forward to the mile walk back home and then to pick my car up afterwards about as much as I look forward to sticking my head into a barbecue. However, I do what I need to, and later snickered at the people who crossed the street to get away from me as I lurched up the street on my way home.

When I had to go back two days later to have the belts in the car changed (the official lie is that my car is so old it takes two days to inspect!), I decided to bring sunglasses for the walk home. No reason to terrify the locals, after all. I was reminded of the reason I never wear sunglasses when I was so busy staring crosseyed at the flickering of sun off the little screws that hold the frame on that I nearly walked into traffic...and then a pole. I took the sunglasses off after that.

My car--not a transformer, obviously--decided to play with me on Friday and die on a road that has all exits to the Thruway and trucks and crazy people that park like they're robbing banks. So the highlight of that day was meeting a tow truck driver named Pooran who totally save the day by hammering a penny down into the battery terminal connector. My cables were loose, which should surprise no one. I actually, at one point, because the heat and sun had melted my brain, followed Pooran around waving my arms and squeaking, "You're my hero!", he was, I'm not denying that, but I think he was happy to get the hell away from me.

Next week: We return to the garage to have the penny removed, and with any luck I'll have ten more, "I'm not on drugs, really," moments. Like when I tried to pay for the inspection with my Home Depot card. You may laugh, but the attendant took the card and swiped it without noticing at first, too. I am at home, here.

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A simple fix is always great. :)