Thursday, September 04, 2008

Chrome is a Shiny Thing!

I'm on this kick of micro-managing my seconds to give myself time to write, live, appear amongst my family, and keep myself from appearing unkempt. It's not entirely working, so when I heard Google Chrome, the newest browser to hit PCs (you'll get it soon enough, Linux and Mac), was fast, I got all starry-eyed that maybe I could check my RSS feeds during the week again and I jumped on the bandwagon.

It's fast, but that's because it has no features. Not entirely a bad thing, but while there's a pop-up blocker there's no ad blocker, and the lack of all the other Firefox extensions I'm rather fond of made me a little twitchy. Then again, I still pine for Netscape Navigator 3, and I bet that would die of fright if I tried to run an RSS feed past it.

I was able to get through Newsgator a little faster using Chrome, even on my older (400mhz) computer. One of the websites that slows me down the most is, and the reason why I must remind myself what songs were playing during the hour I was sitting around thinking of crap to write about is bizarre, but with Chrome I was able to read the news and check all nine local radio stations in about fifteen minutes. It could have been less, I kept getting distracted by late-night tennis and Jon Stewart.

Of course, because the original terms of use stated that anything posted using the browser became the property of Google (it's been fixed), I probably won't ever use it for anything more than reading, because all this junk I write here? MINE. My stories, my life, and although most conversations I have would end pretty fast without being able to check Google to find out what's going on with anything, I don't go around saying what I found on Google is mine, so I'll leave their search capabilities to them, and hold on to the last shred of personal identity I have.

I guess what I'm trying to say is for browsing, Chrome is pretty good. Baa!

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Wigwam Jones said...

I used to worry about appearing unkempt, but then I realized - who wants to look 'kempt'? I'm not sure that's a goal to be desired. I'm just not a 'kempt' kind of guy. Perhaps anti-kempt. Kemptilicious. Yeah, that last one.

Besides, no Chrome for Linux yet. Those bastiches. They are not kemptilicious.