Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'm going to kiss you. No, not really, just play along.

Certain lucky friends I annoy on Facebook were already early-morning recipients of Ben Bernanke by those mad geniuses at Rojhelio Studios, because when I wake up too early, only madness can save me. However I was not pleased with the (lack of) response, and realize that I may have either shown a rather disturbing side of myself or I'm just really late to the party. Well, excuse me if I was busy watching the horse-masked naked chef all summer. It took that strong toxic mushroom dish to pull me away from Torgo.

The thing is, Dooce had considered it an excellent test of a relationship. And I was like, "YES! I will add this to the bizzare things I show people!"

So here it is. It's timely, yo. Don't make me spank you. ^_~


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