Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Movies Are Getting Seasonal!

Looks like telly's pulling out all the horror a record five weeks before Halloween! It probably gives away what hour I was up writing if I say I saw a Tales From The Darkside with a very young Christian Slater in it. I think we've seen just about every episode of that show, but I'd forgotten this one, so it was fun to see.

Last weekend Sci-Fi played one called Tale of the Mummy, which was obviously an early movie for Gerard Butler and an in-between other films job for Christopher Lee, because although the hype said they're the stars, they are not. The star is apparently a swirling bunch of evil bandages, that pulls entire people into toilets and does really rude things to guide dogs.

Then we watched 30 Days of Night, which is about vampires in Alaska. Not hot vampires you'd like to follow to a jazz club, mind you, as you would not make it out of the driveway. As a pick-the-cast-off horror movie it's okay, but if you happen to like Alaskan Huskies in an unstabbed state, be warned that the beginning is not cool. No one warned me.

From Lifetime came the cautionary tale The Ticket, which proves you shouldn't ask anyone for their airplanes if you've won $23 million dollars, because for some reason money makes people utter gits to each other everyone only ends up being shot at, frozen, and set on fire. And I thought the news was mad.

The best movie we saw this week, though, was a rather popular flick over the summer called Iron Man. HOLY CRAP IRON MAN IS FANTASTIC!

Notice I'm totally focusing on the movies again because my personal life is a twisted wreckage of mismanagement. The rain loosened up the decorative front wall outside of my house and not for anything, there is no style called, "Crack house chic," so as in most Octobers in years ending in 8, I'll be bringing amusing tales of concrete next week.

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