Friday, October 17, 2008

We Could Make Twitter Sandwiches

This was part of tomorrow's rundown of the week until I realized it sort of rambles into its own life, and hey, day with no post, meet overflow from another post.

On Wednesday, I went about my usual routine lifelike activities until about 9PM, when I was suddenly possessed by a desire to fire up Twitter and post random thoughts about plumbers named Joe. After about 90 minutes of that, I closed Firefox and saw that I'd never finished the dialogue for my comic strip. Nothing else at all got done for those 90 minutes. It was a strange fugue, but I think the me of previous blogs would be happy that it happened, and that it probably will not happen again for at least four more years.

I am on the Twitter, you know. At I welcome all followers and in return follow everyone but the Gatorade salesman. I even follow a dude from India who joined Twitter when he got an iPhone and made only four posts, one of which asked me, "u wanna do it?"

I replied to that tweet, I did. I don't think he liked what I said. I've recently started replying to spammers too, if they ask if I want to go on a date, I write back and ask if they want to clean my rain gutters. They never answer, possibly because they think I'm even freakier than they are.

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