Monday, October 13, 2008

The Magic Is Ruined.

I'd been meaning to post a post 100% live, like just write something and stick it up here and go, "BOOM, MY LEAVES STINK!" or some equally dull head-shake-inducing blog where maybe I comment on how the removal of Cymbalta ads from television would make the world less depressing in the five minutes spared, but no.

I just accidentally let a future post slip, and now you see how I abuse the post scheduler. I don't think I've just sat down and posted anything like this in a while. Maybe since I changed my layout, did you all see that? How's that looking? It looks better on Firefox and Google Chrome, I know.

So hey. How's it hanging?

Dancing With The Stars just ended and I have a new strip up, those are the things I enjoy, you want me to start relating how I enjoyed the CBS-FM countdown of 1984 music? Do I have to? Could you not just instantly know I'd be all over that? And it really was 1984, I don't know why they skipped that week on the page. Probably didn't want me linking to it.

I totally caught my hand in a chair the week that countdown was current music, too. My nail eventually came off and everything (during a Miss Marple movie), it was so cool.


Wigwam Jones said...

I have never lost a fingernail, but I lost a toenail once. Dropped my steel helmet on it while I was in the military. It turned black, stayed that way for a REALLY long time (months) and then the nail fell off. By that time it didn't hurt anymore of course. Eventually it grew back. Wow, that was boring. Well, it's raining here, whadja expect?

Hang in there. Magic comes back. That's why it's magic.

BrideOfPorkins said...

Thanks Wiggy, I think it's on its way back, unless I was just too close to the magic markers again.

Ouch! Nail injury stories never get boring to me, unless you count that one I read from the Overcompensating comic guy where he used a drill bit to make a hole in his toenail. After the boring came gross pictures...of course I looked at them.