Wednesday, October 22, 2008

There Is Another.

While I could tie this post in with my discovery of dozens of (non-glowing) mushrooms scattered all over my backyard, the truth is the other night while I was trying to find the link for my amazing Star Wars action figures, I Googled Darth Gumby because I couldn't remember where I'd left parts of my own website, and I found that since the demise of my former self on the banks of...wherever the hell that was, others have taken up the title.

Edward Lupinacci wrote this poem, which is freaky in the "all these songs are about my life" kind of way that makes me wonder if I didn't really mean the green clay guy all along (I did not, it was always my very British Mr. Gumby).

There's also an Australian guy on MySpace who likes cars, but there's no Pontiac Grand Ville so there's no freaky connection.

This has been a "I wrote this late one night when I couldn't bring myself to go on about politics" post.

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