Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Short Week

Last weekend we watched Blade Runner again, and I don't even need to say why because it's Blade Runner, man. Oh, okay, it was on TV and we couldn't all get it together to watch then so we waited for Saturday and added pretzels. Of course then I had an allergic reaction to something and spent the end of the movie wheezing into my Benadryl. Blade Runner just wouldn't be the same if one of us wasn't sick while watching it, so I gladly accept that role. Now, because I didn't, like, asphyxiate.

Then we played Grand Theft Auto III a lot. One great thing about driving in GTA is that the flickering of late-afternoon sun is very nearly nonexistant, unlike realy life, and holy crap if I ever accidentally drive into a bus you'll know I went out crying some slurred thing about not being able to see.

I have five projects going on that I can't talk about right now if only because they've all blurred into one and I'd only say something like I think I'm listening to paint.

One night Rosemary's Baby was coming on, and I hadn't seen that since the '90s, so I'd forgotten they don't all get their comeuppance. Wow. Heavy. I happened to see on IMDB that a remake is in the works. Why? WHY? WHAT WILL YOU DO TO ITS EYES?! I'm betting CGI. Gotta be better than the lizard baby puppet in V, though...right?

Nan can find winners of movies, though, and this week's late night winner was The Obsession a tale of a guy so sad he begins stalking a 14-year-old ballerina of questionable quality and somehow knows that merely leaving a condom wrapper in the car of his crush's father will set events in motion for him to take over the dancing school and change the ribbon in the now 16-year-old dancer's hair. It's made-for-TV, they can't do anything more pervy than that and scrapbooking. The young dancer, see, she reminds teacher dearest of his dead wife, except that his wife, in flashbacks, does not drop her arms like she's really tired as she's dancing and her expression changes sometimes, so actually I couldn't see the comparison at all, but hey, I'm not a creepy pervert who stabs ballerina boyfriends.

I hacked up a lot of things in my backyard and it made me sad afterwards. I don't like cutting the cherry tree, but as a result it's sort of dying, so I pruned a lot of the lower branches to encourage it to maybe not die. I may have cracked why cutters cut. Then I pruned the Rose of Sharon for the winter. Already. While wearing shorts. Unreal. I love you, but I ain't getting hypothermia for you.

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