Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Smell of Autumn!

Last weekend we were down to movies we weren't hopping to see. What Happens In Vegas, for instance, wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, mainly because the side characters were good and the wedding bit in the credits was freakin' hilarious, but as you already know I have a thing for movie inebriation.

The movie was really short, though, so we caught the end of The Dead Girl, which as you might imagine by the title is not at all the type of movie that leaves you happy. There's a character in it that sent me totally frikkin' nuts, though, and dammit I'm telling you all know if you all ever thought I was serial killin', don't burn the evidence for me and let me go on doing it because...okay, I'd probably just be a serial killer of crappy people like how that Dexter guy kills killers and stuff, but still. Damn. Bad enough Mary Beth Hurt's character covers up a crime but then she goes and uncovers her boobies, right there, like, BOOM. Hello.

And then we finally watched Atonement. Oh my god. It's a good movie and all, but...oh my god. It's like the other extreme, don't be being a little bitch to nice men, kids. Not cool.

During the week, I got it into my head to use the gutter rake to take care of the leaves I saw poking out of the top of my house. Two hours later I was covered in the most un-leafy smell and there was wet stuff running down my back. Usually I don't see the point in washing up because it's not like I'm ever washing anything off, but this particular day I was never so glad I bought new $2 Head & Shoulders knock off ever, and that counts every time I get the weird blistering flare-ups.

The very next day, the guy we've been trying to get to come take the gutter off the porch roof because it rotted the portion of wood it was screwed into wrong six years ago (ah, my legacy) showed up, looked at the gutter, determined that indeed it needs help...and the gutters need cleaning, so they'll do that when they come to do the gutter. I regret nothing, there were so many leaves in the gutter the day before that the squirrels could walk along the surface and be totally visible, no fluffy tails bouncing along, no, entire squirrel visibility. So instead of finishing my gutter-cleaning, I cut down 33 gallons' worth of thorny noxious toxic weed vine because no one else is going to come along and offer to do it.

I thought I'd found a place to procure more skill and experience points but the entire website seemed to get hacked and go under within four days of me being picked up. Recall, if you will, how I've killed my favorite TV shows and have a tendency to bring layoffs and sometimes format changes to radio stations, JUST BY LIKING THEM. <Elton John>You're not lucky knowing me.</Elton John>

It was a busy week. I spelled a lot of words wrong and alienated more people than usual, but I slept at least three hours one of the days and can now see more potential raccoon entryways to the yard than ever before.

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