Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Things I Have To Restrain Myself From:

As someone with limited space to begin with, you wouldn't think I'd be eager to go filling up my room with more cute little effigies of pop culture characters. But I'm a girl. And has an Indiana Jones! Darth Vader, the TARDIS, presidential candidates, even Domo-Kun, they can come out of my computer and be part of the real world, where real people can see them and I can say, "Er, Domo-Kun, he's a...dude, it's Japanese."

Okay, so maybe it's just another way to invite more questions I can't answer, but they're cute, and if you don't count the cost of ink and paper, they're free! Just think if I'd made my Star Wars Action Figures this way! They'd be 1000x less crappy!

This diversion brought to you by the sad realization that there will probably never be a papercraft horse-headed naked dancing mushroom chef.

1 comment:

Anne D. said...

Total awesomeness! Almost inspires me to get crafty. :-)