Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I Don't Feel Like Blogging, No Sir, No Blogging Today

It's been difficult to get back into blogging. I've been doing so much non-blog writing that I almost don't want to blog. Don't panic, I want to blog, I just don't know if what I want to blog about is going to interest anyone else.

My non-blog writing is starting to freak me out. Everyone seems to have a goth friend, they're reclusive and horrible at the beginning and then they go save the world. All of them. It's like the people in my head are trying to tell me something. They used to be vampiric karaoke ninjas who actually managed to save the world a few times, now...I don't know.

Twitter has totally spoiled me, even more than all the people who ever called me wordy put together. So I just sort of want to blog in short sentences anymore.

I'm sad about John Travlota's son and I'm angry about Gaza.

Dammit everyone stop killing each other, that really sucks and makes humanity look like a bunch of insensitive assholes.

Murder is up in New York, but down in everywhere but New York. That was...nice to know. For everybody but me.

I started an InsaneJournal, it's like a LiveJournal but not owned by a Russian company and not losing half its staff today. After what happened with JournalSpace (it's just GONE.) I started to get the whole LJ mortality thing and the whole emo teenager all my friends are there thing and yeah, I know all my friends are here on Blogger too, but a lot more of my friends are on LJ and I have a private LJ where I chart every explosive rage episode and finally figured out I just was a human and I rather like that thing. Is it wrong to come on Blogger and say I love another community because it has threaded comments and filters for how much crazy I want to show the world? Then I am spending yet another year wrong.

So my InsaneJournal is considerevising.insanejournal.com. It's like, the error Microsoft Word gives me when I'm rambling. LOL.

Duncan Sheik managed to have the first new song I heard this year, and that suits me just fine. I like that guy. I'm realizing that waiting until the last hour of the year to point out noteworthy music is pretty stupid. HEY HERE'S A GREAT SONG IT CAME OUT IN JANUARY! Yeah. Actually We're Here To Tell You came out in November, but it only hit WFUV on the first New Music Monday of the year, yesterday.

I have tragically outgrown the first everything of the year. Not to say I didn't have a moment of "W00T!" when I got outside Sunday night. The weather has been crap and if I'm saying that believe me, it's crap. I'm the one who stands out in 80mph gusts of wind to check out the Pleiades and goes out to shovel snow in a T-shirt.

There's a reason I shovel snow in T-Shirts. I wore a jacket on New Year's Eve. I shoveled. I ended up unconscious. Still people ask me, "Aren't you cold?" I DON'T KNOW. I only measure cold by what color my fingers are and heat by how fast I can get off the floor.

I'm finding it much easier to let go of things. Like the room full of boxes I *might* have to ship something with. I won't have to ship anything. Last time I shipped anything there was still another Star Wars episode to be made.

If anyone wants some of those shipping air-pillow things, I have some, I want to not have them, I will give them to you.

I'm still trying to save the world. It doesn't seem to want saving.


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