Saturday, January 03, 2009

Songs of my Misspent Youth: New Year's Day

This year, instead of blathering on about movies that came out ages ago, I thought I'd blather on about music that came out a few decades ago. It'll be like riding around in a car with a non-migraining me in the back! (Except it won't be entirely fictious!)

First up, I thought I'd start the year off with the obvious New Year's Day by U2.

I first heard this song, like much of the good stuff, from a local music video station called U68. Unfortunately I heard it a lot, and back then I still had opinions I would voice, even if they were utterly stupid. I was sitting in a room with two of my buddies (actual living humans, not my head, because they all get my jokes) think I said something along the lines of, "I'm getting sick of U2."

I wonder if the members of U2 planned for that when they named the band. "Let's make sure no one can say they've heard our music too much without sounding like a total ass!"

I love U2 now, and not at all because I still tend to only be in rooms with two other people at a time.

Universal doesn't want me embedding their videos so if you want to see the video it's over on YouTube.

This song is about Poland, you know.


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