Thursday, January 22, 2009

Vlog #4, Where Snow=Endless Fun

I love snow. It's one of the few things I refuse to give up to age. So every chance I get I go out in it. If there are grown-ups around I make like I'm shoveling, and that has the added benefit of points with the neighbors.

I have no voice to make a compelling vlog #4 on my own, so The Puppy takes over for a few minutes giving a dog-like up yours to her hereditary knee condition, which was repaired *two* years ago already. Time flies, eh?

(There's a hint of all I would have talked about anyway at the very end. You've been warned, LOL!)


Anne D. said...

The Puppy is adorable! The way she jumps and plays in the snow reminds me so much of our Daisy. Mixed-breed doggies FTW!

Wigwam Jones said...

Mrs. Wiggy took ours - it hasn't snowed in Wilson, North Carolina in five years.

Of course, it's all melted there already - and we've still got a foot of it on the ground here in Michigan.

BrideOfPorkins said...

Thanks Anne! Yep, nothing like watching them run and jump, sends all the bad stuff of the day packing.

OMG Wiggy, actual snow in NC! Your pupaloos look like they enjoyed it, just adds to my opinion that snow should take a hint and go where it'll be appreciated by dogs and kids and stay off the roads and sidewalks.

Do you guys get the feeling that the tan white-toed dogs are taking over? Hmm.