Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How To Drive A Girl Like Me Crazy

My station altered my programming.

I think it's been 13 years since Echoesmoved to the midnight timeslot on WFUV. 13 years is a long time. 15 years is even longer, that's how long I've been listening to Echoes. Never mind that it used to come on at 7AM on Saturdays. I was up, it gave me something good to listen to while I was writing batch files, and occasionally I'd actually sleep after listening to it. Of course turning the radio off would have helped, too, because the Hindi news and music program that would follow Echoes on Sunday morning was guaranteed to wake me back up again by the first number.

Echoes slowly crept closer to midnight, first This American Life and other spoken word shows used to come in between it and the early broadcast of the World Café, then there was no separation, and Echoes could actually be heard from midnight until World Café came on again at 3AM.

Other WFUV listeners are probably going either, "We know where you're going with this," or "WTF is your point already?"

There's an HD2 station coming out of Fordham since last year, it can be heard online at The Alternate Side and as a treat 90.7 used to let it take over on Fridays. Last Friday they announced the show was taking over the 10PM-midnight timeslot World Café used to occupy. I wasn't too torn up about that because WFUV plays a lot of the same music all the time anyway. But World Café has now moved down to midnight.

Echoes now comes on at 2AM.

Yes, of course I can still hear it, that's not the point.

How am I supposed to know when it's midnight now?

I mean, other than the CBS-FM station ID with Frank Sinatra singing New York, New York and Orion disappearing behind the neighbor's house?


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Ari said...

I've started paying attention to NPR lately. There's a treasure trove of stuff on there!