Thursday, March 19, 2009

Vlog 7: Spring!

I realize Spring doesn't officially start for another 12 hours, but when I realized it had been six weeks since the last vlog and all I had to talk about were incredibly sad things I didn't think would fit into a HEY IT'S SPRING! vlog, vlog 7 became a chronicle of what I love to do. Not much talk. Just buzzing around the backyard.

With that, I'm turning the vlogs into a seasonal thing. Because there are way better vlogs out there to watch. Like Imogen Heap's notes on her new studio and album, for instance.

1 comment:

Anne D. said...

Aw, I love your dog and her funny ears and her growly noises. I like the way at the end she stares at the ball on the dirt and decides "fuggedaboutit".

And -- a bee? You had a bee already? Impressive.

Cats on leashes: it takes getting used to. *meow*