Saturday, March 14, 2009

Songs of My Misspent Youth: Reel Around The Sun from Riverdance

This week, like all weeks with March 17 in them, has St. Patrick's Day in it. I get the Irish pride thing, but even more than that--because if I go any further my Irish parts will be sobbing apologies to my Italian parts and the pagan bits of my brain will just be glaring at the whole spectacle and I've past the age where I need to get in the crossfire of that whole mess--even more than being Irish in any way...there was this whole time where Celtic music was everywhere and I frikkin' loved it.

No, actually, what happened was I heard Reel Around The Sun the first time and my brain managed one last, "What. Is. That."

Then it was twelve years later, I was wondering what Bill Whelan's composed lately and wondering where Michael Flatley will turn up next.


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